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  • Luke Bingham

An Eventful Week At Event Magic!

Last week was an eventful week for me in magic so it seems an appropriate topic to write my first blog about.

The week started with me performing at a 21st birthday party just outside of Cardiff City centre. My first magic gigs were performing for students so it was extremely nostalgic for me to be performing for that demographic again. The gig went absolutely amazingly. To describe the atmosphere among everyone there as lively would be an understatement! What a truly wonderful group of people! I had an absolute blast performing and it was a pleasure to be there.

Later on, in the week, I was honoured to be asked to consult on a BBC production. The producers were endeavouring to tell the tale of the affectionately known ‘’Welsh Robin Hood’’ Twm Sion Cati through the medium of magic. Fellow magician, James Hawker and I set off to the picturesque Welsh village of Tregaron and had an amazing time with the guys from the BBC performing magic. (Once the production is published, I will provide a link). There were talks of some follow up projects with the BBC later on in the year.

My week ended with an early business meeting discussing future plans for starting a new magic related business. More on that as things develop.

A productive and fun week for me indeed.

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